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· Carriqus is created (first batch of product, web page and corporate image)

· Carriqus is publicly launched (online and in press) and sales commence

· Winner of the IamaSource logo design award (selected from among 4308 proposals from around the world)

· Kartelectrico project begins (prototypes are developed, corporate image is created, business plan is posed)

· Kartelectrico.com unveils a prototype and begins its commercial activity offering it’s services

· Kartelectrico.com goes to SITC Barcelona (International trade fair)

· Kartelectrico.com appears in Forococheselectricos.com

· Kartelectrico.com appears in Abreelojo (Design, communication and Fashion Magazine)

· Corporate image redesign for ALFER motorcycles (logo, stationary, banners, apparel, future model decals, etc)