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Stiva Bernabeu is a half-British half-Spanish industrial and graphic designer collaborating with EB-Diseño. He has worked on several projects in both the communication and consumer fields.

A graduate of the ‘Istituto Europeo di Design’ in Madrid, Stiva Bernabeu is set up in this city as both a freelance designer and entrepreneur producing his very own products, business initiatives and corporate images. From here he promotes his products and initiatives – Carriqus and Kartelectrico.com – and continues to work on self-induced projects and other collaborations.

Stiva is a fan of all things with wheels, and a sensitised, yet mild, environmentalist. He is a well-informed, strong defender of electric powered vehicles. He also likes photography, RC modeling, music, spicy food and downhill mountain biking.

  1. *CV and digital portfolio available under request.   Click for preview